• 160 Foot In-Store Permanent Display

AEG – Team LA Store at the Staples Center

Designed and produced in-store graphics to consistently brand the Team LA Store and communicate important information such as store hours, website ordering and special events. The 160-foot in-store display is designed to help increase sales and excitement in the store.


“Kay has collaborated with me in various capacities since 2008. As lead designer for Dance Camera West, a dance film festival based in Los Angeles, Kay’s stellar graphic design took our international brand to another aesthetic level with quick, efficient work while at the same time creating a healthy, joyful collaboration. And currently working together on a new website. Kay is very patient in allowing the creative process and not to rush past the opportunity for something truly original to emerge. ”

Lynette KesslerFounder and Executive Director of Dance Camera West

“Kay Moonstar not only created my website beautifully and professionally, but she was also a delight to communicate with and be in a creative process with. Having worked with many designers, a problem I often come across is the challenge between getting what's in my mind onto the site or the page…I always felt with Kay that not only did she strive to understand my vision, but she also brought an incredible creative eye that took my vision to the next level.”

Charu MorganOwnder of Embody Tantra

“Kay is the best graphic designer I've ever come across. She's been responsible for designing our entire product line and website for the last fifteen years. She is super reliable and always meet our deadlines on time. She's done a fantastic job of branding our company.”

Dr. Louie YuOwner of Quantum Energetic Medicine

“Kay Moonstar is a design visionary! I have worked with Kay for over fifteen years, on many projects from business cards, logo creation and website to product packaging.
I am always delighted with Kay’s powerful, professional, miraculously inspired visual communication.
I repeatedly receive enthusiastic praise about my website and promotional materials and I know Kay’s work has increased my business significantly!
She’s tremendously gifted and a pure joy to have on my team. ”

Eve BaldwinYoga Therapist

“Kay is a smart, creative, and intuitive graphics artist with a great sense of color, design, geometry and mystery that allows her to create clean eye-catching works. She's also an enthusiastic marketer, a confident and accomplished manager, and a pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend her!”

Darakshan FarberSeven Pillars Wisdom